Top 5 Rated Halogen Bulbs for Pool Lights

A pool light is a necessity for any backyard pool. Whether you are looking to add ambiance to your pool area or need better lighting for safety reasons, a quality pool light is a must-have. While there are many different types and styles of pool lights available on the market, halogen bulbs are often the preferred choice for their bright light and long lifespan.

To help you find the best halogen bulb for your needs, we have put together a list of the top 5 rated options currently available. We considered a variety of factors, including brightness, lifespan, price, and user reviews, to create this list.

Moon Lamp, LOGROTATE 16 Colors LED Night Light 3D

Style Moon Lamp
Color 16 Colors
Product Dimensions 4.9″D x 4.9″W x 4.9″H
Special Feature Timing, Dimmable

Concerning this item

Standard/Emotional benefits:

  • Get a realistic and charming moon lamp.
  • Choose from 16 colors to light up your life.
  • Get a unique, creative night light.
  • Choose from 16 different colors.
  • Decorate your home in style.
  • Give the gift of creativity and romance.
  • Let your friends or loved ones enjoy a delightful light show.
  • Give your friends and loved ones a one-of-a-kind gift.
  • Let them decorate their homes in style.

The best reviews from the US

  • Very good night light!

The one thing that I wasn’t entirely sure about was how big it was. I had anticipated that it would be a little bit bigger, but that in no way diminishes how wonderful this item is.

The moon would be an excellent present. I decided to buy two of these, one for myself and one as a present for someone’s birthday. This is a one-of-a-kind present, which is one of the many reasons why giving it as a birthday present is such a good idea.

This item is unique in its own right and is the ideal size for a shelf in an office or bedroom, or even for use as a night light in some other space. The operation of the remote control is very straightforward and uncomplicated.

There is no on/off switch, but when you touch the charging port, the light turns on, and you can also change colors by touching the port (just in case you don’t have the remote handy). If you are looking for a special kind of gift that requires a special touch, I would recommend getting this for someone.

  • Nice Moon Lamp

The one that I initially received was flawed, but the maker contacted me even before I had the opportunity to send it back, and they promptly provided me a replacement copy at no additional cost.

The new one has a very pleasing appearance. It comes with a plethora of different lighting options, and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Having said that, I do have two significant complaints. To begin, the part of the device where the plug is located is a very wide metal plate, which unquestionably detracts from the pleasant moonlike atmosphere. Second, the stand appears to be in far better condition in the photographs than it actually is in real life. I’m going to make my own stand for it, but if I didn’t have the ability or the supplies to do so, I think I would be fairly dissatisfied with how the stand turned out.

  • Good light and Great customer service

When I originally got the light, it functioned okay, but mine had a manufacturer problem in which it was not formed right and was kind of shaped like a lemon. The problem was fixed after I sent it back to the company that made it. As a result, I made contact with the seller, who proved to be quite helpful and prompt in their responses. They promptly sent along a replacement after I requested one. The light functions properly and has been redesigned so that it now resembles the form of the moon rather than a lemon.

  • Grandsons enjoy in their bedroom

My grandson, who is now 10 years old, made a point of telling me how much he continues to love having this nightlight in his bedroom.

GE Lighting PAR38 Warm White Halogen Flood Light Bulb


Special Feature Wattage 80W, Voltage 120V, Base E26 Medium Screw
Light Type Halogen
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Outdoor, Indoor
Wattage 90 watts
Light Color Crisp White Light

Concerning this item

Standard/Emotional benefits:

  • These bulbs are directional, providing bright light in a specific area.
  • These bulbs are designed for recessed ceiling fixtures, tracklights, and polelights.
  • These floodlights are an excellent choice for plugs that are difficult to access and that are regularly left on.
  • Put extra light in the areas that require it.
  • Avoid dark, shadowy corners.
  • Illuminate your home with vibrant white light.
  • Make your home feel warm and inviting with soft, directional light.
  • Feel secure walking around your home at night.
  • Enjoy the warm, welcoming feeling of a well-lit home.

The best reviews from the US

  • Just Perfect

For the recessed lighting that we have in the kitchen, I have had a hard time locating bulbs of this particular size. I made one mistake. When you install new bulbs, make sure to date them so you can determine how long they will last.

  • Power

I appreciate the product; it is actually bright, and after a few weeks, it has been functioning extremely well in terms of durability. I will keep posting my appreciation.

GE LED+ Color Changing Indoor Floodlight Bulb, 18 Colors & 5 Light Modes

Special Feature Energy Efficient, Dimmable, Color Changing
Light Type LED
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Indoor
Wattage 8.5 watts
Light Color Full Color

Concerning this item

Standard/Emotional benefits:

  • Change the mood of any room with the press of a button.
  • Get more use out of your LED lights, and save on your energy bill.
  • Control your LED lights with the included remote.
  • Change colors and set moods with ease.
  • Create a romantic atmosphere for that special someone.
  • Get in the holiday spirit by changing your bulbs to red, green, and gold!
  • Create a fun atmosphere for parties and gatherings.
  • Relax in a warm, calming light after a long day.

The best reviews from the US

  • Best bulb

On sale $5. Got 2. It comes in a nice box with a battery-powered remote. Very simple to use—just plug it in and use the remote. Compared to other brands you’ve never heard of, the colors are very bright.

There is a strong signal from the remote. It can strobe, flash, fade, and move smoothly. There is a timer, a lot of colors, and the usual warm white and cool white.

  • White!

What a great lightbulb! You can change the color, too! But they really meant it when they said they were white!! I’ve seen other companies say their lightbulbs are white, but when I get them and use them, the color is yellow!! I dislike it. But after using this product, my hair was very white and I loved it! 10000/10!! If you’re thinking about buying this item, you should just buy it now!

  • Works great

Works great in my bedroom. It gets very dark, but when it needs to, it gets very bright. Use dim pink right before bed or when I’m watching TV in the bedroom so the brighter light doesn’t wake me up too much. Plan on getting another set.

  • Muy buen producto, sencillo, rapido, comodo.

Muy bien, with buenos colores y un rango de alcance del control mas que aceptable. El hecho de poder regular la intensidad de la luz blanca/calida is muy buena para no molestar la vista. Solo me gustaria poder regular la intensidad de los colores tambien

Sengled Motion Sensor Outdoor Flood Light Bulbs

Brand Sengled
Color Daylight
Material Synthetic Polymer (PMMA)
Style 150W
Light fixture form Floodlight

Concerning this item

Standard/Emotional benefits:

  •  Get a brighter light for your outdoor spaces.
  • The motion sensor will turn the light on when it’s needed.
  • Stay safe and secure with motion-activated lights.
  • Save money on your energy bill.
  • Motion-activated light means no more fumbling in the dark.
  • Get light only when you need it, conserving energy.
  • Install quickly and easily without any extra hardware.
  • Never worry about coming home to a dark house again.
  • Feel safe and secure knowing your outdoor spaces are well-lit.
  • Feel more at ease when you’re home alone.
  • Know that your home is always lit up and safe, even when you’re not there.
  • Sleep better at night knowing your home is safe and sound.
  • Feel more secure walking into a dark home.
  • Enjoy the convenience of motion-activated lights without any extra hassle or expense.

The best reviews from the US

  • Easy way to add motion detection

On the side of my postwar home that faces the driveway, I have an ancient light fixture with two lights. This was a quick, simple, and inexpensive solution to add motion sensing without having to change the actual lighting fixture. Simply switching out the conventional floodlight bulbs with these ones was all that was required of me. I simply leave the light on, and now it will light up automatically whenever someone (or any critters) come or exit in the dark. Now I don’t have to worry about getting to or from my car in the dark because I don’t have to have the bulbs on continuously for a number of hours while I’m away. Although there are cheaper ones available, the brightness of those is not comparable to that of these.

  •  They work

Simply screw them into the socket like you would a typical outdoor motion light, and your light will now have motion detection as well as daylight sensing capabilities. I just keep the switch on now, and as soon as it becomes dark, the light will turn on whenever there is motion detected. My only concern is that they hold up over time.

  • Great security light

The best motion light detector, and it is triggered by our small dog, which only weighs 10 pounds.

  • Great light bulbs

I needed lights that detected motion, but I didn’t want to change the wiring bases, so I looked for lights that had motion detection built into the fixture itself. I found these lights. They are quite effective in their use! The motion sensor is sensitive, and the lights themselves are very bright. This is a purchase that has exceeded all of my expectations. The best possible answer

Philips Outdoor Landscape T3 Light Bulb

Special Feature Philips brand, 12V 20W T3
Light Type Halogen
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Outdoor
Wattage 20 watts
Light Color Soft White

Concerning this item

Standard benefits:

  • Crisp, bright light.
  • 3000 Kelvin bulb.
  • Dimming feature.
  • Save time and money with a G4 base.
  • Philips uses recycled materials, reducing environmental impact.

Emotional benefits:

  • Create the right ambiance for any activity.
  • Feel good about your purchase knowing you’re helping the environment.
  • Enjoy your landscape at full brightness without waiting.

The best reviews from the US

  • Lights my prize fish display.

Fair price and lights extremely well

  • Right amount of light for dimmable floor lamp

Couldn’t find the brightness /wattage in stores but Amazon had it! Philips is a trusted name.

  • Don’t buy the warehouse Deals

I have purchased these before, and the color and brightness are both just what I was looking for. I figured I could save some money by purchasing the warehouse deals versions, which are supposed to be broken boxes or returns from previous customers. I received two boxes that were perfect, as well as two boxes that were loaded with low-quality imitations of the Philips brand lights. If I were a betting man, I’d say someone switched them out, kept the philips, and returned the rubbish ones that you can see in the photo. If I were a betting man, I’d say that someone replaced them out. Even though I am able to return them, it is still an inconvenience to have to go through this process. Before placing items that have been returned back on the market, Amazon needs to perform a more thorough job of evaluating such items.

  • Exactly what I needed for our Over the Range LG microwave.

I had already visited TWO, count ’em, TWO different appliance parts and repair businesses. We are searching for replacement bulbs for our “LG Over The Range microwave.”
They looked by part number, etc., and found one location that advertised the actual LG bulbs at a price of roughly 21 dollars each.
I found some writing on the bottom of the unit that compared 12 w to 20 w.
The lights that are installed underneath your cook top and are used to shed additional light over the surface. NOT the illumination on the inside.
So I was browsing Amazon and I came across these bulbs. I placed the order. They function entirely as intended. I believe that the pricing for a pack of two was $3.85 dollars. Which is exactly what I was looking for.


With so many options on the market, choosing the right halogen bulb for your pool light can be a daunting task. We hope that our list of the top 10 rated bulbs will help make your decision easier. Consider factors such as brightness, lifespan, and price when making your choice to ensure you are getting the best possible value for your money.

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