5 Best Halogen Lights for Your Car

When it comes to car lights, there are a lot of different options on the market. But if you’re looking for a light that’s both bright and budget-friendly, then halogen lights are the way to go. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at five of the best halogen lights for your car so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase new lights.

5 Best Halogen Lights for Your Car

Philips CrystalVision Ultra Upgrade Bright White Headlight Bulb


Brand Philips Automotive Lighting
Light Source Type LED
Wattage 55 watts
Item Package Quantity 1
Color White

Concerning this item

Standard benefits:

  • Brighter light than standard halogen bulbs.
  • Look like you have high intensity discharge (HID) headlights.

Emotional benefits:

  • Feel safer on the road at night.
  • Impress your friends with your cool blue headlights.

The best reviews from the US

  • 2011 Scion tC Improvement

In my 2011 Scion tC, I had the stock bulbs that came with the car. I noticed the other night that they seemed dim. Since light bulbs lose their brightness over time, I thought it was time to change them after 11 years. I bought these as a replacement, and they were easy to put in; I didn’t even need any tools. First, I changed the bulb on the passenger side and compared it to the stock bulb during the day and at night when the garage lights were on. It was brighter and whiter than before. I snapped a photo to show you all. In the picture, the replacement is on the left and the stock is on the right. I can’t say for sure, but I hope these will last 11 years. The old bulbs were still Philips, but they were a different model. Just like the first ones, these are made in Germany. This should help.

  • Work perfectly, easy to install

After thinking about all the fancy LED options, I decided that it would probably be best for my Subaru’s electrical system to just replace the burned-out headlight bulb with one that is similar to the OEM bulbs. They were easy to put in (my model year isn’t one of the ones where putting in bulbs is said to be a nightmare), and they seem to be very bright. I know that some or all of the LED versions would be brighter, but I’m happy with the one I chose.

  • Great OEM replacement for 2012 Camry

The brightness of the bulb is fine for an OEM replacement, but the claim that it is “30% more white” seems to be a bit of a stretch. The color temperature is very close to that of the original bulb. In the picture, the OEM bulb is on the passenger side, and this Philips bulb is on the driver side. Overall, I’m happy with the bulb, but if you want your headlights to look really white, you should go with LED.

SYLVANIA H11 SilverStar Ultra High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb


Light Source Type Halogen
Item Package Quantity 1
Fit Type Vehicle Specific
Position Front

Concerning this item

Standard benefits:

  • Brighter light for safer driving at night.
  • OEM quality and fit.
  • Bulbs should be replaced in pairs for optimum performance
  • Sylvania’s Ultra Night Vision performance headlight provides the brightest light and whitest light compared to other OE bulbs
  • Improve contrast and object visibility

Emotional benefits:

  • Feel confident driving your car at night.
  • Enjoy a better driving experience when the sun goes down.

The best reviews from the US

  • These are the only ones I buy

In both of my cars, I only use these Sylvania SilverStar Ultras. They are definitely brighter and whiter than OEM or basic bulbs. If you don’t notice a difference, try a headlight lens restorer.

If your headlight lenses are faded or foggy, you probably won’t notice a difference. I’ve read that these bulbs don’t last long, but I think that’s because people touch them when they put them in (which causes very short life span on bulbs so do NOT touch the glass on the bulbs, only the base, I also use vinyl gloves to install mine).

The other reason their lights might burn out quickly is that they leave them on all the time. I live in Wisconsin, where the winters are cold and the days are short for most of the year.

This means that my lights get used. I just had one of these go out on my Santa Fe (H11B low beam). I put them in in May 2017, so it’s been about 2 years and 6 months, and the other one was still working.

Even though I replace them in pairs, I keep the one that is still working in case the other one breaks. This gives me time to get new ones. So if you put these in the right way and don’t leave your lights on all the time, they should last for a few years. These are worth the slightly higher price because they are whiter and brighter.

  • Way brighter than the cheap options

Even though they cost about three times as much as the inexpensive ones that can be found on Amazon, I am able to navigate the dark roads with much more ease thanks to these.

HELLA 005750941 500FF Series Driving Lamp Kit, Multi, 6″

Light Source Type Halogen
Wattage 110.00
Item Package Quantity 1
Color Multi

Concerning this item

Standard benefits:

  • The Hella 500Ff Series Lamps are rugged and long-lasting.
  • They provide superior visibility under any weather condition.

Emotional benefits:

  • Feel safe driving in any terrain.
  • Enjoy clear visibility even in bad weather conditions.

The best reviews from the US

  • Perfect addition to Polaris General 4

25-year Hella customer. Still high-quality after 25 years. I’ve been customizing my Polaris General 4 suit my driving style. Needed evening trail lighting. Mounted on lower windshield A-arms. I bought the following mount in advance:

Dasen A-Pillar Mount Front Roll Cage Cube Light Bracket Compatible with 2016-2022 Polaris General and General-4

Lights arrived in 2 days. Very happy with the packing, hardware (Nylock nuts included), and quality. The lights are metal. 6″ with black stone shields. I wanted white ones for a vintage style, but when I saw the black shiny finish, I knew they’d look wonderful.
I started assembling everything while watching my niece and nephew. I didn’t want to cut into my QT with the kids, so I had them help me find the mount pieces. I proactively fitted A-arm mounts to the lights. 10 minutes in.

The kids and I mounted the lights on the A-arms in 5 minutes. I sent my niece upstairs to get the harness because everything was going so well. She had the harness but left the directions upstairs. None required. The QD connectors are bombproof. + and – wires are already crimped and heat shrunk.

My Polaris has a 6-port busbar. I put the rings directly to + and – to avoid using a port. Kids cheered when you flicked the switch. LEDs worked. This is a 3-way switch, so if you flip it all the way down, the main LEDs go off and a little accent LED comes on, providing just enough light for trailside repairs/cocktails/p-break etc. This was a modern surprise. 10-minute wiring install.
A 5 and 8-year-old installed it without instructions in 25 minutes. A chimp could install these lights.
I’m overjoyed. The beams aren’t $500. These current driving lights cast the same color as my Polasis’ LED headlights but illuminate 2 – 3x as much and wash over the trail.

Fit, function, and quality were perfect. Cheaper and pricier lights exist. For $135, you receive a name-brand kit with a warranty. $60 for the harness. So good!

  • Good for what you paid.

Excellent quality and nothing was missing either. The covers look and feel like they have been thrown together hastily.

There is unquestionably sufficient wiring on the relay and harness for use in any location on the car. The diagram was initially a little difficult to understand, but there are plenty of tutorials available online that can assist you with this.

The only thing I didn’t like about them was that, in comparison to my regular headlights, they were somewhat dim; however, because they use H3 bulbs, replacing them is pretty simple.

  • Good value

Kit inclusive of everything needed to install two lights. It’s all about the quality. Unquestionably strong illumination. The instructions could be a little bit clear with regard to hooking up the relay, but they are not in any way deceptive.

GE Lighting Nighthawk Platinum Headlight Bulb

Brand GE Lighting
Light Source Type Halogen
Item Package Quantity 2

Concerning this item

Standard benefits:

  • You will be able to see further down the road while driving at night.
  • This product is legal to use on the roads.

Emotional benefits:

  • Feel reassured and safer while driving at night.
  • Avoid accidents by being able to see obstacles and hazards ahead more clearly.

The best reviews from the US

  • Very cost effective performance

Purchasing nighthawks. I changed my standard bulbs with Sylvania silver or gold star bulbs, which cost twice as much and last a quarter as long. I haven’t used platinum or sport nighthawks, but reviews say their longevity is similar to Sylvania. Brightness is more essential to me than reliability. Most of my nighttime driving is on lighted streets and moderate-traffic freeways where people drive without lights (because they can’t tell), but I also drive in rural regions with no lighting and these bulbs work fine.

  • Perfect fit for my 2014 Subaru Forester

After searching online and in stores, I found these lights to be the best for my 2014 Subaru Forester. They were straightforward to install and of high quality. The same brand makes a much brighter set than the normal set. We use our brights often in rural Oregon. This product is fantastic.

  • Just good basic white headlight bulbs that are bright and last about the same as OEM

My nightvision has deteriorated. At 50+, the pupil can’t open as wide. Brighter headlights really help. Headlight physics. The filament glows brighter if burned or heated. Brighter lumens mean shorter bulb life. These bulbs are brighter and whiter, with no blue tint. I’ve put them in multiple autos and they last as long as OEM. I have 3 autos with them.

  • Give Great Light

Installing high and low beams on both sides of my 2005 Lincoln Towncar was difficult, but I did it. Hard to remove radiator shield clips required a trip to the dealer. Designers of headlamp sockets and shields should replace a dozen. Their design would leap forward. These bulbs work perfectly.

  • Great upgrade from stock

They’re just as described. They’re better than my 03 Denali and 02 legacy’s stock Hi beams. Not white or blue. I had blue ones and despised them since they were dim even on bright nights. These are excellent on clear and gloomy evenings.

Philips X-tremeVisionUpgrade Headlight Bulb

Brand Philips Automotive Lighting
Wattage 55 watts
Item Package Quantity 1
Color White
Voltage 12 Volts

Concerning this item

Standard benefits:

  • You’ll see up to 100% more vision on the road.
  • The light will be significantly whiter, improving comfort and safety.

Emotional benefits:

  • Feel confident driving at night or in rural areas.
  • Know that you’re getting the best possible performance out of your headlights.

The best reviews from the US

  •  Work perfectly, easy to install

After considering all the fancy LED options, I decided that it is probably best for my Subaru’s electrical system to just replace the burnt-out headlight bulb with a version that is somewhat similar to the OEM bulbs. They were easy to install (my model year isn’t the nightmare bulb installation mentioned for earlier model years), seem quite bright. I know that some or all of the LED versions would be brighter, but I’m pleased with my selection

  • Simple fix for dim light fix

My girlfriend was not able to see well enough to drive at night. So we got these and she is able to see now. It’s a good set of lights.

  • Huge improvement over stock halogen

Two-day delivery. DOT-approved German-made bulbs are packaged. Clear bulbs with a silver tip (no blue or yellow tinge). In my 5th Gen 4Runner’s stock projector housings. I needed more distance and brightness with my original bulbs.

The 4Runner’s projector housing works best with halogen filament. For distance and clarity, projector housings need a well concentrated light source from the center. Even in a properly-sized H11 LED bulb, the LED components are too thick to focus the light forward. LEDs light my garage door brightly, but they don’t project as far as halogens because they lack a centrally focused light source. Many 4Runner owners have added HID lights with working filaments, but I avoided ballasts and dust caps.

These bulbs improve distance and beam width. They light the road 30% further, 20% broader, and 40% brighter than the originals. The light is whiter than the original bulbs but still yellowish (probably 3400K to 3500K). This color is better for night vision than bluish white and works well in fog. I drive on remote two-lane roads at night. With these bulbs’ enhanced brightness and distance, I don’t use high beams as much.

I’ve used identical bulbs on other vehicles and know they last less than conventional halogen. These bulbs should last one to two years. The performance justifies the expense and time. After installing the bulbs, I didn’t need to adjust the headlights. When installing bulbs, wear clean latex gloves. Dirt or grease on a headlight bulb causes uneven heating of the glass, reducing its life and performance.


What brand of headlights is the best?

With so many options on the market, it can be hard to figure out which headlight bulbs are the best. But there are a few brands that really stand out.

Some of the brightest bulbs on the market are made by Sealight, and their 9005/HB3 model is a great choice for people who want to be as visible as possible.

LED bulbs from Cougar Motor are also a good choice because they last longer and use less power than regular headlight bulbs.

Another great option is the Philips H7 CrystalVision headlight bulb, which gives off a bright white light that makes it easier to see in low light.

The 9007/HB5 LED headlight bulbs from Fahren are also a good choice because they have a wide beam of light that lights up the whole road ahead.

Lastly, the H13 LED bulbs from BeamTech are a great choice for people who want bright, energy-efficient headlights.

Which lights are best for cars?

Many people who own cars choose LED light bars, and for good reason. They use very little energy, last a long time, and don’t get very hot. This makes them much safer than regular incandescent bulbs. But there are a few things to think about when picking out LED light bars for your car.

First, make sure to pick a brand with a good name and a good warranty.

Second, think about how big and round the light bar is. Some light bars are made to be put on the roof, while others are smaller and can be put on the bumper or grille.

Last, think about what color you want the light to be. There are many different colors of LED light bars, so you can choose the one that works best for you. You can easily find the right LED light bar for your car if you do a little research.

Which is better for car halogen or LED?

There has been a lot of talk about whether halogen or LED headlights are better for cars. The IIHS says that LEDs do better in most of its tests, but some halogen headlights have done better in some of its tests than some LEDs.

Some halogen headlights have been rated acceptable, which is the second-highest rating, and some LED headlights have been rated marginal or even poor.

But only LEDs have been given good marks. The amount of light they give off is the main difference between halogen and LED headlights. Halogens make a lot of light, but it doesn’t always go where it should. This can cause “glare,” which makes it hard for other drivers to see.

LEDs give off less light, but the light they do give off is more focused and doesn’t cause as much glare. Also, LEDs last longer and use less power than halogens. Because of these things, a lot of car makers now use LEDs in their headlights.


When it comes to choosing the best halogen light for your car, there are a lot of different factors to consider. But with the five options listed above, you can’t go wrong. So do some research, pick the light that’s right for you, and enjoy the benefits of having bright, beautiful headlights on your car. Thanks for reading!

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