Armored cable is used in applications in which a degree of mechanical protection is required. The cable contains insulated conductors protected by a flexible metal “armor.” Armored cable can be used for both exposed and concealed locations. Some armored cable can be direct buried. Below we will explore a few common types of armored cable used in Canada.

AC 90

ac90Is commonly used in store, factories and residential buildings, where some mechanical protection is preferred. The conductors are RWU90 600V insulated, plus a bare copper bonding wire. It is not permitted for use in wet locations nor can it be direct buried, but is a great alternative to using conduit for protection.



This cable is basically identical to AC90 but has a PVC jacketing over the metal armor. This allows it to be used for direct burial as well as wet locations. Variations of this cable also permit it for use in hazardous locations, a cheaper alternative than the robust TECK cable primarily used in industrial applications.

TECK Cable

teck TECK or TECK90 cable, is one of the most commonly used cable for industrial applications. Teck cable comes with cables rated for 600V as well as 1kV. TECK cable comes with interlocked steel or aluminum armor with a pvc jacketing. There a second PVC jacketing around the conductors, to protect them if the armor is crushed.


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